Let Artkive turn all of your kids’ art into beautiful, keepsake books!

A second payment will be due based on how much art you send back in your Artkive Box.

Fill the box we send you with art and return it using the prepaid UPS label we provide

Fill the Artkive Box we send with your kids’ art and send it back to us. We’ll professionally photograph it and turn it into a stunning, keepsake book.

Preserve and Celebrate Your Kids' Artwork

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We professionally photograph and edit your artwork and upload it to your online account

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The boxes of our kids' art we'd been storing are now incredible books displayed on our coffee table. We love this service!


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I'm so relieved that everything is digitized and secure in my Artkive account. Much better than taking up space in our apartment.


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Thank you Artkive for your wonderful customer service. You made this process so easy Every Parent should do this with their children's art.

1) We send you an empty Artkive box (or boxes if you ordered more than one)
2) You fill up the Box with your children's artwork using the Sort and Label sheet included in the Box, and attach the pre-paid UPS mailing label to send the Box back to Artkive.
3) When the art is received, we professionally photograph it and crop/edit so that every piece looks fantastic.
4) Your art is loaded into your Artkive account and a book proof is created for your review.
5) You can access your book proofs through the Artkive website, and make edits before sending the book(s) to print.
6) If you choose to purchase a USB of the high-resolution image files and/or have the artwork returned, we will send back everything that was included in your box. Otherwise, the artwork will be recycled.

You initially purchase the Artkive Box shipping kit, which is essentially a starter kit. For $39, you'll receive the Box with instructions on how to organize your art and a prepaid UPS shipping slip for when you're ready to send it back to us. You will also be assigned an Artkive Box specialist to guide you through the process.
The pricing slider above allows you to estimate your remaining costs based on the amount of art you send back in your box. That will be your total remaining balance for us to digitize and edit every piece of your art, create your Artkive Account for you to access all of your images in the future, and build, print, and ship your hardcover books. All of those services are bundled into the pricing seen in our pricing slider.

Our boxes hold 300-400+ pieces of flat art, are 24x18x4, and you CAN combine different kids’ art in boxes as long as it’s separated by child and age/grade (if relevant). Do not purchase more boxes than you need as the 2nd payment you''ll make is based on the number of pieces of art you send and number of books you want, NOT the number of boxes you order. Most people find that one or two boxes is more than enough to accommodate all their art.

You can certainly send art for multiple children in one Artkive Box, just be sure it’s clearly separated and labeled. You'll receive our Sort and Label sheet inside the Artkive Box, and attached to your order receipt email. Please include 1 of these sheets per child. Keep in mind, each box fits approximately 300 pieces of standard size art.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate, but please be sure the art is sent in the exact order desired, and make a note of this on the Sort and Label sheet that's included in the box. An additional fee may be assessed if we have to sort the art for you.

We will provide a Sort and Label sheet in the Box, and it will be attached to your order receipt email. You can use this to clearly label the art before sending it to us. You'll want to make separate stacks of artwork for each child using bags or folders, and within each child's stack, group the artwork in piles for each age or grade. Keep in mind, we cannot customize the default age/grade label options, so you'll want to make sure the artwork is clearly labeled using ONLY the age/grade options on the Sort and Label sheet. (e.g. "John - Age 5", "John - Age 6", "Katie - Preschool Year 1", "Katie - Preschool Year 2", etc.)

Absolutely! It just depends on how much time you have to work on this project. Most parents are too busy, that's why we created the Artkive Box service. Once we receive your artwork, your order is assigned to one of our digital professionals to properly light and photograph each piece of art. Our team of editors will then color correct and crop, as needed. We upload the finished images to your Artkive account, and create book proofs for your review. With a press of a button, you can approve your books and send them to print. If you really want to do it yourself, get the Artkive app.

Absolutely! We will contact you when your book is ready to preview. You can access and edit the book by logging into your account from a computer on our website, www.artkivebox.com. You'll be able to make the following changes:

- Rearrange the book pages
- Crop and rotate images
- Edit the age/grade
- Add custom captions and dates
- Choose a cover image
- Edit the book title

There is no time-limit, and you can save your changes along the way, so feel free to make as many changes as you'd like, and submit the book order when ready. For more information on viewing/editing your books, check out the following Video Tutorial.

You are welcome to send anything that can be photographed: cards, schoolwork, photos, trophies, pottery, 3D artwork, etc. Make sure all fragile items are wrapped well to avoid damage during transit. Also note, oversized and rolled pieces require extra time, and may incur additional processing fees. If you have oversized art that won't fit into the Artkive Box, you are welcome to send it directly to us in a separate box: Please send it to us at:

14724 Ventura Blvd, 2nd Floor
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

We strongly recommend sending it in a sturdy, well-taped box that is trackable (e.g. UPS, Fedex).

A Sort and Label sheet is included in the box. This will help us identify what you're sending, and allows you to include any specific requests or instructions we should be aware of when processing your order. We'll also be in direct email contact with you so you can always reach out if you forget something.

Yes – when you are placing your Artkive Box order, there is a circle you can check to pay a fee and have your art sent back. If you aren't sure whether or not you'll want the artwork returned, you can always email us once you receive your book preview to add this option.

Once we receive your art, we will deliver your book proof within 4-6 weeks. After you finalize and submit the book proof, it takes 4 business days to print, plus 3-5 days for shipping. We do try to accommodate rush requests. If you need your Artkive book expedited, please contact help@artkiveapp.com

Artkive Shipping Kit purchases are fully refundable on the same day as your purchase minus a $5 restocking administration fee. Once your Artkive Shipping Kit has been sent, the $39 initial payment is strictly non-refundable. Please note that Artkive purchases do not expire so they can be saved and used at a later date.

We will upload and label your images with the child's name and age/grade assuming you provided this information on Sort and Label sheet that's included in your box. Once the artwork has been uploaded to your account and your book proofs are made, you are welcome to log in and add custom dates and/or titles before we print your book. For more information on viewing/editing your books, check out the following Video Tutorial

We’re happy to do this for you. This will also reduce your cost by 40%. When checking out, please input the word DIGITAL into the promo code box on the first step of your puchase and we'll know that you want our Digital Only Service. Once all of your art is digitized and organized, you'll be able to access your pictures and can create and purchase your books yourself if you change your mind.

Questions You May Have

Your final payment is based on how much art you send

One book holds up to 200 images of art If you have more than 200 pieces or desire multiple books, please email us for a quote.


An Artkive Box shipped to your door to fill with art

A prepaid UPS shipping label to send back the art

Art professionally digitized + stored in your Artkive account

Access to your art memories from any connected device

The Artkive Box Includes

Custom book proof for your review and approval

A stunning 8.5 x 11 inch hardcover book (shipping included)

Option to order additional books and other custom products

An Artkive Box specialist at your service

8 x 8

11 x 8.5



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Let Artkive turn all of your kids’ art into beautiful, keepsake books!